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I have always enjoyed yoga and have dipped in and out of it throughout the years.  I am passionate with all things health and wellness, and I’m fascinated with the mind and body connection and body’s ability to heal naturally.   

It was a physical ailment and the overwhelm of a pandemic that had me once again turn to yoga for mental and physical strength, healing, and peace.  It was through this painful time that my passion for yoga was really ignited.   I felt that yoga, with the mind body connection and balance that come with it, was the missing peace to not only my health and well-being, but for others as well.   

It was the yearning to share this with others that led me to pursue my teacher training.  I became a RYT-200 Certified Teacher in 2021, and I am currently working toward my RYT-500 Certification. 

I love integrating the chakras, breathwork, meditations and affirmations into my classes and of course a bit of humor as well.   My goal is to always leave you feeling peaceful, lighter, more joyful, and more empowered after our time together.   

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