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Kaila Emerick

Divine Feminine, Defender of Light, Reiki, Crystal Healer

Kaila is certified as a Reiki Master Teacher and Crystal Healer, and has been given ancient codes of Divine Love. Here to help others access their gifts and forms of self expression, and assist in healing deeply rooted wounds.


Kaila communicates in the realm of unconditional love through clairaudience and clairvoyance—including communicating with her ancient highest self and yours, ascended masters, light beings, angels, and animal spirits—to help assist and guide others to their truest form and embodiment of self. 


Higher dimensional versions of her and the client communicate and are channeled through words and light language with the intentions of healing, evolving the human race with their spiritual gifts of consciousness, and expanding our understanding of unconditional love. 

Kaila is proficient is Galactic Ancestral Healing available to schedule on Saturdays from 10am-3pm

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