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Balance Your Chakras

Balance Your Chakras


Crystals and herbs have been used by many cultures since ancient times to promote health and healing. Crystals resonate at the frequency of Mother Earth and depending on their color (frequency), chemical composition and structure (resonance), they can influence our energies and clear stagnant emotions, mental patterns and dissonant vibrations in our energy fields.


Balance Your Chakras crystal set contains seven stones, a stone for each of the seven chakras, that promote a strong auric field, balanced energies and overall wellbeing. Use during meditation or at any time to connect with their healing vibrations.


Your crystal set includes one of each of the following: 

Red Jasper: Life Force

Orange Calcite: Vitality

Citrine: Manifestation

Moss Agate: Love

Amazonite: Expression

Amethyst: Intuition

Clear Quartz: Spirit


Packaged in a signature muslin pouch, perfect to carry with you or for a gift!


All crystals are hand selected and will be approximate to images. As a natural product, they may differ in size and color from items shown.

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