Robin Tackaberry


Robin has been treating the skin of clients for several years, with the main focus on healing and wellness. She believes that nourishing both the body & mind with safe products, and using techniques that connect inner and outer health, the skin can become glowing and healthy without the use of aggressive treatments or harsh ingredients.

Prior to graduating from Michigan College of Beauty Esthetics, Robin had been crafting with herbs and essential oils, creating and selling skincare and aromatherapy items successfully while staying home with her children for several years.


After years of hands-on practice along with specialty facial massage training such as  lymphatic drainage, herbal poultice and gua sha, Robin and her clients really started to see how well the skin would respond when the internal systems were stimulated in this manner. This inspired her to create her Signature Organic Wellness Facial session that is completely customized at every visit. Completing a product formulation course was key in her learning skincare ingredients and how to customize each client’s treatment.


“I am very passionate about sharing what I learn about skincare, herbal & essential oil usage, and wellness. My mission is to encourage you to live a more wholistic lifestyle and guide you in your skincare and wellness journey.”-Robin