Heal Your Life

Conscious Living Program

12 Weeks

This program offers you a foundation for a path that delivers wellness of the mind, body and soul. It is an awakening of your

true self that has been calling to you. Through this program you will begin a journey of self discovery, reclaim your power,  and create a healing balm for your soul. We are here to co-create and facilitate the wellness and joy of a life lived consciously.

      Let’s begin…


Your 12 week program will include:

· Unlimited monthly yoga practice (minimum of 2 practices per week)


· Free Meditation on the 3rd Thursday of each month


· One service per month, choose from:


Access Bars

Vogel Crystal Healing with Light Language Transmission

Reflexology Balancing

Stress Healing (this option is inclusive of 3 monthly services)

· Sacred Sound Immersion each month


· Nutrition coaching sessions with Food Network Chef, Jacquelyn Jones of SolFood Collective

2 health coaching sessions per month

Weekly recipe

Monthly cooking video

VIP access to cooking video vault


· Weekly inspirations: Guided Meditation, Nutrition Guidance, Self Discovery


· Facebook Support Group


· Health Talk on January 5th to include meet + greet with a vegan meal

Open Enrollment through December 20th

3 month autopay available

Call for details and to register!


2855 West Jefferson Avenue

Trenton, MI  48183

(734) 799-3533

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